Aims and objective of cce

Towards this end, the school endeavours to provide a large and dedicated teaching staff with a wide range of skills and interests, a varied and wide choice of activities-academic, aesthetic and athletic, an environment enriched with the excitement of discovery, challenge and competitiveness and discipline based on the belief that responsibility comes before freedom.

The objectives of the CCE scheme are: Close liaison is maintained with the Cultural Departments of the Embassies of the respective countries. The school uniform can be purchased from the school uniform shop which remains open during school hours. To make evaluation an integral part of teaching-learning process.

CCE Education aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, produce and useful members of the society. An ambulance with an attendant and driver is stationed at the clinic. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation refers to a system based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of students growth and development.

Objectives of CCE

To help develop cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills. The pursuit of excellence encouraged at DPS rests on the positive belief that every man has it in him to produce work and excel. Our primary aim is to develop in the student qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion, to promote a spirit of enquiry, to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism, to help the student to become a meaningful part of his environment and to know that courage and industry have their due reward.

To make the process of teaching and learning a learner-centered activity. To lay emphasis on thought process and de-emphasise memorization. To use evaluation as a quality control devise to raise standards of performance.

All school books and other articles of stationery can be purchased from the school bookstore which remains open during school hours. Continual means assessment of students in the beginning of instructions placement evaluation and assessment dur ing the instructional process formative evaluationdone informally using multiple techniques of evaluation.

Assessment in Scholastic areas is done informally and formally using multiple techniques of evaluation continually and periodically. Evaluation is an integral part of an education system. Scholastic aspects include curricular areas or subject specific areas, whereas Co-Scholastic aspectsinclude Life Skills, Co-Curricular activities, attitudes and values.

These are followed up with appropriate interventions and remedy measures. Assessment in Co-Scholastic areas is done using multiple techniques on the basis of identified criteria; where assessment in Life Skills is done on the basis of Indicators.

The causes of poor performance in some units are diagnosed using diagnostic tests. An individual medical record is maintained. To determine social utility, desirability or effectiveness of a programme and take appropriate decisions about the learner, the process of learning and the learning environment.

A well equipped clinic, with doctors and nurses round the clocklooks after the needs of both the boarders and day scholars.Objectives can be communicated through mission statements.

What Are the Aims and Objectives of the Coca-Cola Company?

The Coca-Cola company aims to be globally known, they do this by targeting different areas across the globe with different products, gaining their brand name and popularity. All the bottling partners work closely with their customers such as convenience stores, grocery stores, movie.

Aims & Objective It is the aim of Delhi Public School to provide the best possible education to its students. Our primary aim is to develop in the student qualities of integrity. Objectives of CCE. CCE. To help develop cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills.

To lay emphasis on thought process and de-emphasise memorization. To make. Principles and objectives of cooperatives 1. Principles of Cooperatives The first principle is anchored on voluntarism.

Objectives of a Cooperative The primary objective of every Cooperative is to provide goods and services to its members and thus enable them to attain increased income and savings, investments, productivity and purchasing. Design and Development of a Flying Platform MEng 1 1. Introduction Project Aims and objectives The principle aim of this 4th year group project is to.

Per Coca-Cola, the company's aims and objectives are to refresh the world, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, and to create value and make a difference.

These aims and objectives are centered around a desire to thrive "over the next ten years and beyond." Coca-Cola believes that their.

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Aims and objective of cce
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