An account of moving to abu dhabi

It will be hard to describe where one lives Street addresses in Abu Dhabi can be confusing. The Corniche Developed, then redeveloped to host adjacent activities for the Formula One in Abu Dhabi, this stretch of fine white sandy beaches the sand was reportedly trucked in, less coarse than the native variety adjacent to the Gulf is one of the best parts of the city.

Although the increased cost of living means less disposable income, good packages can still be found. A relaxed attitude and empathy can help equip an expat to navigate their way through setting up life in Abu Dhabi.

Saayidat Island has undergone massive transformations to become a world-class cultural and entertainment hub. Paying bills One aspect of banking that expats will have to acquaint themselves with in Abu Dhabi is the post-dated cheque. High fees are attached to electronic transfers and, as a result, post-dated cheques have become the best method for financing large payments, such as rent and car payments.

A mix of cultures With all those nationalities and different languages, comes communication problems and culture shock confusion. Most cards are compatible with other UAE banks so can be used in the majority of machines across the country a few also offer global access links. Still, expats should expect to pay a large portion of their salary for a modest one-bedroom apartment in a less than exclusive area.

Credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere, but if using an international card, expats should be aware that they will be charged additional fees for each transaction performed outside their home country.

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That said, as is the case with any foreign destination, there are a few quirks to take into account and practices to avoid debt and maximise the tax-free liberties that come with the territory. That said, expats working in private ventures will find themselves outnumbering the ladies too.

Split shifts are still common in Abu Dhabi; they allow for an afternoon siesta and timings are generally An emerging scene for culture and entertainment There are a host of incredible new cultural attractions emerging in Abu Dhabi.

Pakistani, Indian, Lebanese, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Ethiopian are just a few of the national foods on offer. Some expats may be liable for tax in their home country, although the amount varies and relates to how long one spends outside of the country, and whether they qualify for non-resident tax status.

Basic benefits, regardless of employment package, usually include around 30 calendar days of leave a year, and most organisations include annual flights back to your home country.

Banks generally keep hours from 8am to 2pm, and are closed on Fridays. Are you an expat living in Abu Dhabi? Branches in large malls may stay open later. Cheap eats Abu Dhabi offers a mind-boggling range of cuisine at restaurants at extremely reasonable prices.As with any of the world's cities, life in Abu Dhabi is a mix of swings and roundabouts, peaks and troughs, ups and downs.

In the end though, the pros to living in and relocating to Abu Dhabi far outweigh the cons. If you are moving to the UAE to take up a job offer, your employer may have already applied for your employment visa. To open an account at most banks in Abu Dhabi, you need to have a.

ADDC > ADDC Portal > Home - Residential > Your guide to moving in. your rental agreement must be registered with Tawtheeq, the Abu Dhabi registry for tenancy contracts. Since our systems have been linked, so once you’re registered, your water and electricity accounts will be set up for you, it’s as simple as that.

Your account. The thriving Middle Eastern metropolis of Abu Dhabi is the capital and second-largest city of the United Arab Emirates. Once famed for its pearl divers, the capital now has many notable faces.

The magnificent domes of the Sheik Zayed mosque (one of the. 5 Financial Issues to Consider Before Moving to Abu Dhabi. If you’re about to join the expat community in the Capital, here are some things to address before you move.

Guide to living abroad: Abu Dhabi

Posted on. 7 June SEE ALSO: 8 things to consider when opening a bank account in Abu Dhabi. 2.

5 Financial Issues to Consider Before Moving to Abu Dhabi

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An account of moving to abu dhabi
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