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Conflict can be a catalyst for change in the case of characters such as Adrienne and assist them in changing in order to survive, however it is not always a catalyst for change in the case of characters such as Daisy whose character was already suited to her needs, the conflict simply empowered those characteristic.

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One of the woman inmates is obsessed with soap, water and cleanliness and for this reason accepts the offer of a more comfortable refuge. Compare with Elizabeth Proctor. They have to live with the shame.

She is condescending, snobbish and xenophobic. Some of the women choose to compromise their values and become prostitutes for the Japanese to survive.

They dare to nurture the human spirit despite the overwhelming depravity that surrounds them. Immediately after this scene, we observe a sudden increase in participation and cooperation from Imogene.

Daisy being a missionary carrying no anger with her, she had already seen what grim conditions some people are required to live under and was merely to adapt those aspects to her personality a little more than before.

Before the establishment of the choir, Bruce Beresford strategically emphasises racial differences, rivalry and racial tension. Ironically, at this stage Adrienne fears for her life because she is alone, vulnerable and at the whim of her brutal oppressor in the forest.

Whether we adapt through compromise, evasion or dictation, we must respond to the conflict we encounter in order to be able to conquer it and look past it. In the film Paradise Road it captures the Conflict essay on paradise road of how different people will change in different ways in order to help themselves and others survive.

They have the courage and audacity to hope and find some humanity in their oppressive situation.

Ideas and Paradise Road

Adrienne, the protagonist of the film Paradise Road is a character who after being confronted with conflict becomes bolder and courageous. The Doctor seeks to maintain her impartiality in order to look after the sick inmates in the best way possible.

Difficult times breed insecurity and people often succumb to their worst nightmares. Some people believe that true fear has no cause, is it because it is perhaps instinct and not an emotion?

Many of the women inmates in the Japanese war camp in Sumatra also have a capacity to inspire and hope and this shows their determined spirit. There are always potholes, bumps along the way; obstacles we must overcome or avoid in order to keep moving forward.

These ideas are particularly relevant to modern day society, due to the ubiquitous power imbalance Conflict essay on paradise road global, political, economic and social levels forcing a significant portion of people to have to hinder themselves in order to avoid conflicting with those of an obstinate temperament.

However, when she learns that Wing practically died in order for her to treat her malaria, we observe through an extreme close-up on her face that she is suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt and sorrow due to her previously held previously held prejudices.

Fear that has a cause is easy, it can be stopped with will or experience. Shared experiences of conflict bring people together. As conflict changes and alters people so that they have a way to continue on and continue to strive and live Daisy needed no such transformation.

Perhaps true fear has no cause and no limits and that is why people are afraid of fear. People who share the same experiences because of conflict can be brought together and relate to one another of how they dealt or will deal with conflict.

Similarly, the nun tells her first lie to the Colonel in order to defend Adrienne against the charge of insubordination and protect her from the death sentence. They are often defeated or destroyed by conflict because they lack strength or courage to withstand the oppression. They encourage other women to participate in the choir and the director shows that their mellifluous voices rise above the chilling brutality of the Japanese soldiers.

Despite the clear act of provocation, the women are not deterred and the glimpses of beauty sustain them. Daisy, the best friend of Adrienne and the seconder leader in the vocal orchestra responded to conflict quite differently in response to the conflict around her.

She takes away her life and makes an example out of her to show the other women the consequences of disobeying. Adaptation to whatever conflict we encounter is essential. It has also been documented by survivors that the Japanese offered a select group of women the opportunity to act as service-women for the officials.

Such women attract the opprobrium public disgrace of their fellow inmates but realise that they lack the strength to live a life without some comfort.

Sometimes people can turn the conflict to their advantage.Topic conflict brings out the best and worst in people In the movie Paradise Road released inwe see the horrific events which occurred in Sumatra.

Paradise Road explores ideas about conflict and examines the many ways in which people encounter conflict. For example: • The historical setting of the film is the global conflict of World War II.

• This conflict is a military one, fuelled by political conflicts which, infinally erupted into the violent conflict of global warfare. narrative essay on father's death how long to write a word essay.

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When conflict arises, it is impossible not to take a side, everyone has a role.”. Conflict Test What Is Truly Important: Paradise Road Essay THE AGE Paradise Road () Encountering conflict is an inevitable facet of human existence, which by definition is the opposition of intangible entities.

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“In times of conflict, one must adapt in order to survive. ” In my expository essay, I intend to discuss the necessity for people to adapt or overcome obstacles they may come across in life. Doing so, I will elaborate on the outcomes of compromise through adaptation as well as the consequences of stubbornness and [ ].

Conflict essay on paradise road
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