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The very idea was so exciting and pleasant.

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We spent the rest of our time in eating the meal, drinking tea and making some of the sketches of the floral designs we had just observed in the vest chamber of the tomb.

The Taj is a thing of beauty and a thing of beauty is a joy forever. It cost the Emperor several crores of rupees. It is said to be a monument of his victory. The monument is beautifully mirrored in it. The four magnificent minarets of the tomb presented an exquisite view. The first time I visited the Taj many years ago, I simply felt captivated.

He was responsible for building the Red Fort at Delhi, with its beautiful. Indeed, it was a memorable trip which we enjoyed most.

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In order to reach the main building, one has to pass through a huge gateway of red stones. Last summer, my friends and I sketched out a programme to visit the historical places of Lahore.

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It has both historical as well as cultural value. Sometimes school parties go to distant places to see historical sites and sights. There is a pair of red sandstone mosques on. The marble tombs of Shah J and Mumtaz Mahal are situated in the middle of the main building. Soon, it started raining.

The streets of the city were wide and straight with an elaborate system of drainage. When the President of U. These were removed and looted in The entire team of the master- builders was headed by a Persian master designer us tad Pasha.

Everyone was sitting with his best friend. The magnificent tomb of Changer was before our eyes. They enjoyed the whole trip. The number of many other buildings in ruins there was so great that we could not count them.

Abdul Karim Solangi, one of the guides posted there for the visitors. The crimson rays of the sun at the time of sunset, enhance its beauty and glory.

It was built about three centuries ago. Great historical monuments and places are scattered all over the country. Next dawn, we got up with much gusto. One thing is certain and the rest is Lies: The four tall towers of tomb can be seen from a distance.

He gave us tickets and all the necessary information about the great Qasim Bagh. The Taj Mahal on a full-moon night, looks like pure white pearl, a sight that cannot be seen elsewhere in the world. Baked bricks were used for the construction of houses.

The tomb occupies the heart of a fragrant park.

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There were beautiful lawns. So, on the fixed time we all gathered at the college gate. Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world.Aug 02,  · 10 CLASS ESSAY A visit to a historical place.

This is a discussion on 10 CLASS ESSAY A visit to a historical place within the 10th forums, part of the Classes category; A visit to a historical place: The word “visit” has of meanings. The first thought that fun sometimes, this reminds.

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I also have some precious memories of my visit to the historical city “Lahore”. As Lahore is the second biggest and old city of Pakistan. Visit to the Historical Place. or any similar topic specifically for you. Do Not Waste Your Time. ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly according to your requirements.

A Sample Wanted. urgent 3h delivery. We cannot know the present or the future without knowing the last. Therefore a visit to historical place is one of the important parts of education. Schools often show the students important historical places in their area.

Sometimes school parties go to distant places to see historical sites and. A visit or a picnic is the best way of enjoying life in the best possible way by breaking the barriers of boredom.

A picnic or a visit opens the door of pleasant change to individual and group life. Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind. Oct 24,  · a visit to a place of interest Points: Introduction – A short history – A description of the place – Visit to museum – The guide – Conclusion.

During the last winter vacations the students of our class visited Moen-jo-Daro, a place of great historical interest One of our teachers also accompanied us.

A Visit to Historical Place Essay -Visit to Taj Mahal Englsih Essay for school students of class 1 to 3.

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