Factors influencing job satisfaction

It is the positive emotional attachment to the job which works as a motivational factor. Emotion management includes all of the conscious and unconscious efforts to increase, maintain, or decrease one or more components of an emotion. It serves as a source of support, comfort, advice and assistance to the individual group members.

When we think, we have feelings about what we think [ 5 ]. Research also indicates that identical twins have similar levels of job satisfaction [ 7 ]. Motivation can be seen as an inner force that drives individuals to attain personal and organization goals.

Looking to the future. Factors intrinsic to the job Participants believed that factors related to the job in it-self were a determining element in job satisfaction and included the right person being on the right job, job prestige, workload and interest in the job.

Factors influencing job satisfaction to Herzberg two-factor theory of job satisfaction, people are made dissatisfied by a bad environment, but they are seldom made satisfied by a good environment. Suggesting that employee satisfaction is directly related to financial gain.

As Saari and Judge indicate on their result of multigenerational analysis of nursing working force, they show providing and supporting education or career-development opportunities may be another strategy to increase overall job satisfaction for nurses [ 5 ].

According to Rambur et al. Some of the organisational factors which affect job satisfaction are: Head nurses of hospital wards, health center heads, and woreda health department officers were key informants for the in-depth interview.

Furthermore, good relations with colleagues are important in feeling respected and supported and increases the level of motivation in employees. The ability to produce, the quality of the work, the opportunity to learn and express creativity, the sense of pride in their profession, the recognition for a job well done, the ability to work well in a team, the social satisfaction derived from relationships at work, the opportunity to experience personal growth and the rewards from a physically supportive work environment, and autonomy are all factors that impact job satisfaction [ 18 ].

To deal with the problem, the range of issues includes appropriate workload; professional leadership and clinical support, adequate continuous professional education, career mobility and career ladders, flexibility scheduling and deployment, professional respect, protection against injuries and diseases related to the work place, and good wages [ 10 ].

It may also help in job placement strategies to retain more staff. Superior-subordinate communication Superior-subordinate communication is an important influence on job satisfaction in the workplace. Job satisfaction is not the same as motivation, although it is clearly linked.

Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction

That is why Kiyak et al. Health care managers and practitioners should be aware of the hardships that nurses face in trying to give quality care to patients. Again, for education and training of staff this study may indicate the area of interest for provision of problem solving education.

A participatory management style could result in increasing job satisfaction levels, sense of trust and power [ 1618 - 19 ].

Nursing Research and Practice

Inclusion All nurses having diploma and above qualification were involved in the study. There is also statistically valid evidence that shows a strong relationship between patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction [ 13 ].

Factors Influencing the Job Satisfaction of Health System Employees in Tabriz, Iran

They will also feel dejection due to not being able to achieve their hopes and aspirations. Organizational support Employees are more attached and satisfied with the job when they are Factors influencing job satisfaction by the company.

The WHO estimates indicate that Ethiopia has one of the lowest health workers per population ratio of the 57 crisis countries with one health worker for every 4, people, and the highest estimated shortage ofhealth workers needed to reach the target 2. Employees will longer tenure are expected to be highly satisfied with their jobs.

That is, nurses who perceived having more recognition for their outstanding performance or their achievements reported a higher level of intention to stay at work than nurses with less recognition. Furthermore, FGD members expressed: These are organized into five priority areas: International momentum is building, providing the opportunity to bring attention to these issues and to take action [ 20 ].

Peru stated that a major challenge for national, regional, and local governments is the implementation of strategies to reduce maternal mortality and chronic child malnutrition so as to create conditions for sustainable development. Extrinsic factors are those derived from factors in the practice environment and include pay and benefits, working conditions, and resources [ 1 ].ii FACTORS INFLUENCING EMPLOYEE JOB SATISFACTION AND ITS IMPACT ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE: A CASE OF UNILEVER KENYA BY SSEGAWA GODFREY A Research Project Submitted to Chandaria School of Business.

Factors influencing motivation and job satisfaction among supervisors of CHWs Following Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory, we identified two overarching themes: factors facilitating motivation and job satisfaction and factors contributing to job demotivation and dissatisfaction among supervisors (Table 5).

FACTORS INFLUENCING SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS’ JOB SATISFACTION LEVELS IN LANG’ATA DISTRICT, NAIROBI- KENYA DEPARTIMENT OF EDUCATION: UNIVERSITY OF ELDORET Factors that enhance Job Satisfaction This section articulates the main factors that determine teacher job satisfaction in educational.

comparative study of factors that influence employees’ job satisfaction in theTole Tea Estate and the Buea Council. Job satisfaction is a psychological concept that has an effect on the morale of.

Cross-sectional study design with qualitative and quantitative methods was implemented to assess the factors influencing job satisfaction and anticipated turnover among nurses of Sidama Zone public health facilities Ethiopia.

Job satisfaction is under the influence of a series of factors such as:The nature of work, Salary, Advancement opportunities, Management,Work groups and Work conditions. A somewhat different approach regarding the factors of job satisfaction is provided by Rue and Byars, Figure 4.

Factors influencing job satisfaction
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