Finger helpers to learn to write and hold a pencil

What your kid needs to know before starting kindergarten According to Lizette Alexander, an occupational therapist who runs Hand Skills for Children Toronto Occupational Therapy, at three years old, your child should be able to draw horizontal and vertical lines, cut with scissors and remove lids from small containers; at four, draw horizontal and vertical lines that cross, snip a straight line and lace with string; by five, trace lines, coy a square and cut out a circle.

For children who have trouble holding the paper, you can tape the paper to the table. Specifically, observe the index finger knuckle for signs of redness or whiteness which would indicate pressure on the joint. Obviously they may not have these choices during homework, so have additional practice sessions that allow for choice making.

Some respond to several strategies, others respond to a few, while others may not respond to any of these strategies. Tips for teaching your child the proper pencil grip Use a golf pencil. If so, what tricks did you use to help correct an improper grip? Use tracing worksheets to encourage him to trace specific lines and curves.

All the same strategies listed above should be utilized when teaching the quadropod grip. Try using a rubber band. Did your child struggle to learn the proper pencil grip? Just do the best you can to encourage them.

Show him how to use his non-dominant hand the one without the pencil to hold the paper steady while his dominant hand the one with the pencil moves the pencil. Consider buying our workbook: Golf pencils are typically half the length of standard pencils so they are lighter and easier for a small hand to manipulate than the average pencil.

The hand automatically goes into a pincer type grasp similar to the tripod grip and the quadropod grip shown below. Encourage frequent practice through writing, drawing, or both Sessions should be short 5 to 10 minutes for younger children or children who get easily frustrated and 10 to 15 minutes for older children or children who can work for longer periods without frustration Let your child know when they are putting forth good effort or making progress with their skills e.

How to Help Your Child with Handwriting and Pencil Grip

Little did I know, kids need to master lots of skills before forming those first squiggly letters. If you are a teacher, give your students choices within the classroom or for homework as much as possible. It is difficult to use a fist grip on a writing utensil that is that short.

With only two different letters, I wondered how it could be so hard. To start, sit with your child while he doodles. Let your child know how they can improve e.

Then show your child how you are able to easily control the pencil with that grip. The child holds the pencil with their thumb and index finger, while the pencil rests on their middle finger.

Preschool How to teach your preschooler proper pencil grip At age three, you can start teaching your kid how to properly hold a pencil.

Let your child choose and practice the tripod grip with different writing tools such as pens, markers, crayons, pencils, and coloring pencils. First have him pinch the pencil with his thumb and index finger approximately half an inch above the point.

See correct body posture for writing in the image below. Also ensure your child is not making a fist. A correct pencil grip involves holding the pencil between the thumb and pointer finger, and resting the pencil on the middle finger for added stability.

Fine motor skills can be developed away from the table. The Quadropod Grip The quadropod grip is also an acceptable grip. Does your child seem to enjoy freehand coloring or tracing better?


Do your best to make sessions fun for the child so they want to practice again. Encourage him to draw circles, curves and straight lines, to give his fingers practice with many different movements.

Another great tool to practice writing and pencil grip is the stylus for the IPAD. This should help relax the grip. But even connecting three dots to form part of a capital A seemed beyond her.

Parents and teachers can use strategies to help children improve the strength in their hands, how they hold their pencil, and the overall appearance of their handwriting. But a key mistake many parents make is not ensuring their child holds the pencil correctly.

Stocksy Teaching my then-four-year-old daughter, Ann, how to print her name was exasperating.

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This is an effective strategy for some children.How to teach your preschooler proper pencil grip At age three, you can start teaching your kid how to properly hold a pencil. And don't worry, there are lots of.

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How to teach your preschooler proper pencil grip

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Finger helpers to learn to write and hold a pencil
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