Firefly pricing strategies

Our company switched mobile carriers and Firefly was the 3rd party company that bought are old cellphones. Changing the lifestyle of customers will generate revenue as many customers will choose to fly with Firefly rather than taking long-distance coaches.

Travellers for both business and also leisure are potential customers of Firefly as it is a low cost airline providing great services.

Firefly should provide a shuttle bus service from a particular hospital to Penang International Airport, this will lead to ancillary income and boosting airline image. Firefly implemented a few marketing mix strategies such as product mix strategy, marketing mix pricing, place marketing mix and promotion mix strategy.

Firefly created a successful mix of product, placing, pricing and promotion which is beneficial to the company. In order for Firefly to respond to this opportunity, our group recommendation is that Firefly should improve the overall airline image to public before penetrating each of the target market.

The reason Firefly pricing strategies this method works is because customers will think that they purchased their flights for less than RM, although it is only 5 cents away.

These customers will probably fly to Kuala Lumpur or Penang for medical healthcare service. Distribution is about getting the products to the customer, looking at the location and where a service is delivered, or whether they need to collect it or will you deliver it yourself.

Medical tourism and changing the lifestyle of consumers are market opportunities of Firefly. Our group agrees that it is recommended that Firefly should cooperate with the particular hospital which the foreigners prefer as to penetrate into medical tourism and to offer attractive packages.

We sold them around high end smart phones and they first gave us a very unfair quote, which was not accurate at all on the condition that the phones were in when they were sent.

They need to spend all these times on a crowded sit and that is a time consuming travel on a business man prospective.

Firefly Pricing Strategies Essay Sample

The target market of Firefly has always been travellers both for business and also leisure. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysian Airline System Berhad.

Penetration pricing is also one of the pricing strategies executed by Firefly. The airlines will provide lesser comforts to more clients at a lower fare at around RM In the context of marketing mix, promotion represents the various aspects of marketing communication, which is the communication of information about the product with the goal of generating a positive customer response.

When they all come together, the result is stunning. This is convenient to those customers who do not have laptops and do not wish to go outside to purchase their flights. This should be a potential opportunity as mostly these patients would not come alone and they will bring their immediate relatives.

Want to learn more about what we do? It has the potential to grow and command a brand premium in the community it serves. We recently did business with Firefly asset recovery. It will be beneficial to the company if it successfully enters the medical tourism area.

I need all money that was listed on the quote and I would like payment on at least 35 additional phones that I know were in working condition when they were sent to Firefly.

More and more information shows that the accidents are caused by reckless drivers and poor bus services. Firefly aims is to bring communities closer by overcoming geographical constraints through their network, linking the world to the communities they serve and contribute to local economies by growing trade and tourism.

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In the complaint, Ms. This is very unprofessional and I do not appreciate it. If the client is disappointed with Firefly pricing, they have the right to utilize other buyback serviceproviders.

The purpose of this strategy is to penetrate the value-conscious market while providing great value at low fares. This is not only communicated on our quote form but in e-mailcorrespondence that we send to all our clients as the actual buyback procedure progresses.

The hospital could recommend Firefly to come up with cheaper price and better services to their customers when the customer wants to make appointment to meet the doctor in advance.

Firefly also provides insurance coverage for its passengers to make them feel protected during its flights.

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If you want free actionable marketing advice, subscribe to our newsletter. Firefly is offering a price matching service to match what AirAsia is offering to its customer, comfort and convenience.

When marketing their products Firefly need to create a successful mix of the right product sold at the right price, in the right place using the most suitable promotion.

Its bad enough that we were shorted lots of money when it came to the value of the phones but over 2 months has passed and I have not received a check of any kind.

Optional product pricing is becoming increasingly popular in the airline industry and is adopted by Firefly to present a low base price that is capable of attracting customers while maintaining the possibility of generating revenues by selling add-ons later.Firefly is a design annotation tool that allows teams to share their visuals (mockups, sketches, pictures, even existing web page) and add comments 4/5(1).

Firefly Strategies is a full-service (start-to-finish) marketing, communications strategy and support firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico since Firefly Strategies, LLC, Santa Fe, NM.

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Firefly Strategies is a boutique communications and marketing firm providing strategies + 5/5(6). Penetration pricing is also one of the pricing strategies executed by Firefly. Firefly flight services are currently the lowest among the market which has potential to increase sales and market share.

Firefly IT Asset Recovery Inc consumer reviews, complaints, customer service. Customer service contacts and company information.'s (NASDAQ: AMZN) newly launched Firefly smartphone came under the microscope Thursday as analysts tendered mixed views on pricing and strategy. A skeptical Eric Sheridan of UBS.

Firefly pricing strategies
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