Fish pond business plan in nigeria lagos

Size Obviously the ponds constraints are mainly budget and available land. The pond must be level otherwise the water will not collect evenly at either ends, exposing sides to harmful UV light which will damage the liner.

They do not realize that like all animals, best performance would be obtained if the fish have a balanced diet and that the feed needs to be palatable, easily digestible and does not disintegrate into the water before the fish can consume it.

Such a pond can hold about 1, grown fishes. It can provide people with the daily nutrition they need. Start production before knowing what management options are available or Start looking for the market for fish when the fish is ready for sale. Seine reels are essential for the time when you want to harvest the fish in a fishing pond.

So, people naturally flow to the direction of fish specie they found to be the easiest to cultivate.

Fish farming in Nigeria: How to start business?

Discuss the details of your fishery products about 2 months before the deal. Farming Catfish is the most popular type of aquaculture business in Nigeria.

How To Start A Profitable Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

Any turf that is removed could be used in other areas or replaced around the pond. Alternatively a pile of old carpet, newspapers and magazines could be used, but last no way near as long as sand or matting. Or would you rather have several but smaller animals of a reasonable size for sale rather than one giant?

Nigerians love fish and no wonder given how much access they have to places where fish grows.

Fish farming business plan in Nigeria

This can be achieved by using plastic sheets over the areas of clay already laid. You need to apply good management skill and follow the acceptable standard. It is not so hard to start, so be ready to find out the details and features. Catfishes in hatcheries are to be fed meals that are properly ground, or feeds that that are flour-like, and contain 45 to 50 percent of protein.

This type of fish can be successfully grown in fish farms. One thing good about catfish is that it is one of the easiest fish species to cultivate.Cat Fish farming Business Plan/Feasibility Study In Nigeria PDF.


Fish farming Business Plan In Nigeria.

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FISH FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Current Situation of aquaculture in Nigeria. This detailed report explains how to start a profitable fish farming in Nigeria.

Get a GP tank designed for Fish pond, if it’s too expensive you can get someone who knows how to construct the Tapauline method to do it for you.

Do you write a business plan on fish farming? I will be glad if you do. Reply. Adah Jacobs December 5, Fish Farming, Processing And Marketing Business Plan In Nigeria is a lucrative farming business that needs a lot of planning to start and a business coach like Dayo Adetiloye to.

How To Start A Profitable Fish Farming Business In Nigeria. What are your thoughts on this aquaculture fish farming business plan?

2018 Fish Farming Business Plan/Feasibility Study In Nigeria PDF

Let me know by leaving a comment below. I have an interview to be attended this week of which the business plan on this fish pond/farm was asked to present. Based on that I want to ask if the business plan. Fish farming business plan step by step Step 1 Setup a 10ft X 10ft earth fish pond with a depth of about 4ft to 6ft, for this purpose you need around $ to $ (, toNaira).

You can be reading this article from Lagos Nigeria, some other persons can be reading it from Imo, PH, Ekiti, Kano, Akwa Ibom, Enugu, Bayelsa etc and even countries outside Nigeria. fish pond, dependable electricity to pump water ; You can start your cat fish business where the cost of labour is low so as to sell at competitive price?

Fish pond business plan in nigeria lagos
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