Hcs 478 negligence

After hip replacement surgery, she was left with a permanent physical impairment. When patient care is compromised or the patient does not have a successful medical outcome, sometimes the legal system becomes involved.

HCS 478 - Health Law and Ethics

This article will determine if this is malpractice vs. As health care professionals, you will recognize the significance of the topics being discussed, and the objectives being met.

I will look into the reasoning The dilemma of parent versus husband as authority Were ethical principles violated?

Negligence Paper

The ethical principles that would guide nursing practice in this situation are beneficence and nonmaleficence. Any discussion related to legal consequences is not complete without considering the importance of professional standards, which set minimum criteria for defining what is a reasonable standard of care.

The ethical principles involved. Is this a case of negligence, malpractice or gross-negligence? In healthcare setting, any act of negligence can be a basis for a malpractice lawsuit.

According to an article by Cornock, four elements must There are two common factors that must exist before the law says a duty of care exists, which are foreseeability and proximity. There are some common examples like never turning on an apena monitor, malnutrition, or physical injury as a result of poor nursing care or lack of care at all.

HCS 478 Negligence Paper

Even under the best of circumstances, mishaps such as this one do occur as a result of negligence and cause unnecessary duress to patients. You will deal with informed consent, patient self-determination, and death and dying throughout your health care career.

Paper includes citations for a minimum of three references. In addition, you have examined ethical theories, and looked at the judicial process, professional standards of care, and malpractice issues, as well as administrative disciplinary actions in Health Law and Ethics.

I will also discuss the importance of documentation as it relates to ethical and legal requirements, and the ethical principles that would guide my practice as a nurse in this situation.

Finally the staff settles you into your bed. Negligence may also include doing something that the reasonable and prudent person would not do. Finally, it will address what ethical principles would guide my practice as a nurse and how I would document the case to satisfy ethical and legal requirement.

These standards provide for the minimal requirement of skill and knowledge that define an acceptable level of patient care. Time elapses, the patient dies, and later it is revealed that an earlier referral for surgical resection could have saved the patients life Boyd Negligence Paper – Health Law and Ethics HCS (3 Pages | Words) Negligence Paper This paper will discuss the differences between negligence, gross negligence and malpractice.

Health Law and Ethics HCS/478 Negligence Paper

It will discuss the article “Amputation Mishap” from the. Health Law and Ethics HCS/ Negligence Paper Health care providers have a responsibility to provide competent and safe care to their patients. When. View Essay - HCS Week 4 Negligence Paper from HCS HCS at University of Phoenix.

HCS Negligence paper Anna Davis-Walker HCS The Neighborhood; Negligence Paper By: Anna.

Negligence HCS/ October, Negligence In this paper the subject to discuss is a newspaper article given in season three, episode seven of Pearson Health Science Neighborhood in the course materials section of University of Phoenix student Website.

Negligence HCS (3 Pages | Words) Negligence Negligence, malpractice and gross-negligence are terms that you will dislike in mentioning when your healthcare is concerned.

Even though, calamities and disasters are daily happenings nurses, physicians and hospitals go to excessive efforts to guarantee that they do not occur. Want to see some APA formatted examples of a Negligence Paper for the University of Phoenix HCS course?

Find tons of example papers for this class here.

Hcs 478 negligence
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