How to live in harmony with nature

Nations of the world must unite like the members of a global family and help the have-nots by eradicating poverty, jealousy, greed and thus help establishing a happy world-order by arousing in them eternal, spiritual values like love and compassion, beauty and peace.

Those that fight suffer, as do those that are forced to go without bread in order to feed the war. Workers, women, farmers, indigenous peoples, young people, scientists, and all sectors of society should be represented.

Millions of people are dying of hunger in the poorest parts of the globe, while in the richest areas, millions of dollars are spent to combat obesity.

We have to end the system of consumption, waste and luxury. Food production and commercialization must be socially regulated and cannot be left to free market forces. Humans and all living things have the right to waterbut water also has rights.

Live in Harmony with Nature

The materiality of the modern world causing eco-crisis can be conquered only through discarding lust for amassing inordinate wealth and riches, banishing hatred and ugly competition and adopting love and compassion instead, by doing good to others including nature.

Without water, there is no life. Our religious scriptures proclaim that so long as man lives in harmony with nature, he enjoys a happy fulfilling life.

What it Really Means to Live in Harmony with Nature.

Earth is the only home we have. She was his real benefactor and life-sustainer. We have exceeded the limits of our system. We must change the system, not the climate or the Earth system. Yet it has been the quest of philosophers, social scientists, and theologians to define precisely what living in harmony with nature looks like.

The market for carbon credits based on forests will lead to: Any one who reads the scriptures of the world and listens to the guiding precepts of the enlightened persons, Tirthankars, Rishes, Prophets and sages, learns the perennial wisdim: Let no one species encroach over the rights and privileges of other species.

Developed countries dump their industrial and nuclear waste in and around the developing and under-developed nations causing health hazards on an unprecedented scale. This mechanism must involve transparency and social participation by potentially affected groups.

Just as human beings have rights, the Mother Earth also has the right to exist, the right to maintain its vital cycles, the right to regeneration, the right to be free from structural alteration, and the right to relate to the other parts of the Earth system. November 12, That is very difficult for our modern mentality to accept.

The market mechanisms that permit exchange among human beings and nations have proven incapable of contributing to an equitable distribution of wealth.

It can look like almost anything. I mean no disrespect, but that has nothing to do with living in harmony with nature.

‘Live in harmony with nature'

The solution lay beyond the field of doing. Only a society that controls its principal sources of income can aspire to a just distribution of the benefits needed to eliminate poverty. Matter, energy and consciousness are connected together in one inseparable common background which is Sat, Chit and Ananda.The ft double decker bus from The Ecology Center is remarkable - it has been completely renovated and furnished with interactive displays including a fully-equipped mobile kitchen, DIY stations.

Live in Harmony with Nature Oct 21, Atharvaveda contains a beautiful hymn as an invocation to mother earth which teaches us to love and preserve the beautiful, natural environment by living in harmony with nature. Oct 27,  · Expert Reviewed.

Harmony with nature

How to Live in Harmony with Others. Four Methods: Connecting with Others Overcoming Differences and Disagreements Giving Back to Others Maintaining Your Own Sense of Harmony Community Q&A Living with harmony with others is easier said than done, especially in a world filled with conflict, catastrophes, and differing opinions%(59).

The first, entitled “Harmony with Nature,” asks to convene an interactive dialogue on International Mother Earth Day on April 22, Topics will include methods for promoting a holistic approach to harmony with nature, and an exchange of national experiences regarding criteria and indicators to measure sustainable development in harmony.

That integration is what it truly means to live in harmony with nature. The possibilities of how that integration would look on the surface of life are limitless.

Yet it has been the quest of philosophers, social scientists, and theologians to define precisely what living in harmony with nature looks like. Nov 12,  · People have to learn to live in harmony with nature thereby protecting the environment and other living beings that inhabit the earth, said Collector J.

Uma Maheswari here on Staff Reporter.

How to live in harmony with nature
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