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Students should be aware of the common types of fraud, how these can be caused, and the impact that fraud has upon an organisation. The delivery packaging is a mixture of plastic and cardboard which is collected in a waste skip to be taken Isys study assessment guide aq2013 a land fill site on a regular, as needed basis.

There have been several instances where Noah believes that more product or different product has been taken to what was paid for, but Noah is 60 years old and most of the workers are young men who tend to be well built and fairly opinionated, besides there is no supporting evidence.

The drivers load their own meat products based on a list produced by the area supervisor, Noah Clue. Conduct an ethical evaluation of the accounting systems There should be an evaluation of the accounting system against the professional ethics of AAT and the organisation.

The business has now started to trade with small businesses requiring halal meat. Examples include fictitious employees or fictitious trade receivables being paid; over-ordering and theft of inventory; or employees who overstate the time they have worked.

Risk of fraud can be graded as low, medium or high — or given numerical grades of 1 — 5 where the more serious risk is given a higher grade.

This should include a review of the working methods used within the accounting system to ensure that the optimum results are being achieved especially in terms of time, financial costs, benefits and operating procedures. Internal systems of control — identify how internal control supports the accounting system and the types of internal control in place, and any controls that are missing.

Understand the role of accounting within an organisation. There are 20 employees in the meat delivery and preparation area. One LO comprises purely knowledge assessment criteria, two are skills, and one has a mix of knowledge and skills assessment criteria.

This should be considered in terms of time, money and reputation i. This means that halal meat, which is more expensive, Understand the importance and use of internal control systems 3.

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It is much better to make an approximation of difficult to measure costs than to just ignore them altogether. They should be able to make judgements about the analysis, identifying weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement supported by a clear rationale.

For example, accounting standards. Make recommendations to improve the accounting system Guidance 6. Conduct a sustainability evaluation of the accounting system There should also be an evaluation of sustainability with the accounting system, and students should be able to identify where improvement could be made.

The business has one owner Neal Down, who has worked in the meat trade for many years but was lucky enough to win the lottery and decided to start his own business. The desk has several other documents that are in a haphazard pile.

Please read this document in conjunction with the standards for the unit. They should be able to identify ways of detecting fraud and the types of internal controls that could be established to prevent these instances occurring.

ISYS Study Assessment Guide AQ2013

The front of the building has a large shutter door and inside are fridges and freezers, as well as cutting and packing rooms, in order to prepare products for delivery or collection. It includes taking responsibility for initiating and completing tasks and procedures as well as exercising autonomy and judgement within limited parameters.

These include social, corporate and environmental issues. This is a Level 4 unit in the qualification. Learning objectives The unit aims are to ensure that students understand the role of accounting within an organisation.

Make recommendations to improve the accounting system Students will need the ability to be able to make clear and sensible recommendations to improve the weaknesses identified in the evaluation of the accounting systems.

The labels are not kept secure and the labelling process is not always followed. VAT is subject to specific and detailed regulations, so the student will demonstrate they are able to seek guidance from relevant sources, process what is found and communicate this to others, plus maintain their knowledge of the related aspects of VAT.

Students should draw upon their knowledge and experience gained in completing other units within this qualification. Report style The report should be approximately words long but please note that the word count is not critical; what is important is the quality of the writing. They should then compare the advantages and disadvantages of each option before making the decision as to which best suits the needs of the organisation.

Whilst it may not be possible to identify all benefits in terms of cost, as some may be qualitative, it is essential that all costs are at least identified, and quantified wherever possible in monetary terms.

The business has been given accreditation to supply the meat, but sometimes the meat requires repackaging and relabeling which should include a halal label. Neal occasionally comes into the building to check on matters as needed.

Training — Identify how training is or can be used to support staff. There are two vans and two employees per van. Report contents The report should be split into sections, and an example is given below. This could include the amount of sustainable resources that each system would use.ISYS Organisational Processes Group Project Assessment Guide 2 from ISYS at University of Melbourne.

View 19 Level 4 PTAX FA study & assessment guide AQ FA from TOBES LEVEL4 PAR at Abingdon and Witney College. Personal Tax (Level 4) Study and assessment guide OFQUAL unit code. Essay on Marked Assessment ISYS - Words. StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes (ISYS) Tutor Marked Assignment This assignment focuses on the most problematic areas of the ISYS project.

Read the Case Study below and complete the five tasks given, then you will get feedback from an ISYS.

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Sample assessment Internal controls and accounting systems AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting Assessment book Candidate This sample assessment is for.

Assessment is by a formal business report, which can be reviewed by your assessor up to a maximum of five times.

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If not competent at that stage it will be necessary for you to complete a new report based upon a different case study. ISYS Study Assessment Guide AQ Telemetry Knowledge Assessment Exam Study Guide Tele Study billsimas.comemetry Knowledge Assessment Exam: Study Guide Telemetry Knowledge Assessment Exam: Study Guide.

Isys study assessment guide aq2013
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