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This allows them to move more naturally as they keep their wrist straight rather than hookedminimize smudging while writing, and see what they are writing. And click here to see what people gave as some of the advantages of lefthandedness Thank you for your feedback We would like left handed writing aids for children thank the many thousands of parents and teachers who have visited our websites, shop or various events for the positive feedback and support you have given us.

The blades are pushed apart by the left handed squeezing movement and the paper bends between the blades. Find out why it is a bad idea to force a child use his or her less skilled hand. We have also been running an ongoing "left-handedness" survey for more than 15 years and, more recently, our survey on left-handers school experiences.

Mirror Writing Mirror writing is writing left-to-write languages like English backwards AND also reversing the letters so that the writing only appears normal when held up to a mirror and the reflection viewed see Figure 3. Just flip your right-handed scissors upside down in order to switch the blade orientation.

Adaptations of writing posture in response to task demands for left- and right-handers. Remember that it is hard to break old habits and replace them with new ones, and that this will be a temporary strain for the child.

Tips for Teaching Left Handed Children to Write

Tips for Teaching Left Handed Children to Write June 30, by christiekiley 17 Comments As a pediatric occupational therapist, I work with kids on handwriting all the time.

We hope teachers will use this information and parents of left-handed children will bring it to their attention. With properly designed left-handed scissors these problems do not arise, as your natural cutting action matches that of the scissors.

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Usually the child learns to relax his or her grip as writing develops, but teachers can remind students to hold the instrument gently.

Feedback on Teacher training Despite assurances from the Teacher Training Agency over a decade ago and fine things said by government education ministers, it appears that teachers still receive no formal training in the basic essential differences in left-handed writing technique.

The feedback on a recent article on this issue by the Left Handers Club indicated that the majority of primary school teachers are: A common problem for all young children learning to write is gripping the pencil too tightly, making writing tense and tiresome.

Work closely with the child for short 10 minutes to start but frequent at least once a day practice sessions. And the writing hand should be below the writing line. References Cited Clark, Margaret M.

Left-Handed Writing Specialties

Demonstrate the proper grip, paper position, arm and wrist position, etc. Additionally, short non-pencil tools are preferred because they help develop that good tripod grasp by naturally encouraging children to pinch with those tripod fingers rather than using additional fingers or a fisted grasp.Left-handed children can have real trouble when they first start writing as they have to push their pen or pencil across the page from left to right rather than pulling it like a right-hander.

This tends to make the point dig into the paper rather than flowing smoothly. Our books cover advice for parents, teachers and children plus practicing writing and our writing aids can make a real difference.

Books & Writing Aids

Everything you need to help left handed children with handwriting and more! Our exclusive left handed products line includes spiral notebooks for left handers, lots of lefty pencil grips, a left handed pencil sharpener, Therapy Shoppe's exclusive AngleWrite Handwriting Boardâ„¢, an innovative ink pen that's just for left handers, a "Lefty Classroom Survival.

Lefty's has a wide variety of writing tools for left-handed kids. We have left handed spiral notebooks, yoropen mechanical pencils, Jetstream fast drying pens, Stabilo left handed gel pens, and sets including everything a young left-handed writer needs.

Lefty's has assembled a terrific group of products for left-handed kids - pencils & colored pencils, left-handed scissors, left-handed notebooks & activity books, left-handed pens, left-handed writing guides, & toys especially for left-handed children. This page is an index to relevant training videos, books, equipment and aids that will help teachers understand the requirement of the left-handed children in their class and give them the skills and tools to actually help them.

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Left handed writing aids for children
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