Motorcycle taxi business plan

If the drivers were switched over to a different system, in the long run, they would actually make more money and the entire system would speed up immensely.

This is the highest cost factor involved in running the taxi company and the greatest hindrance in getting started. Prices can fluctuate when the city council votes for a meter rate increase.

Knowledge of the city, command of the English language, and knowledge of charge account operations would go a long way towards improving the basic professionalism of the driver. Many times, however, a taxi company and other companies treat their independent contractors as employees and they expose themselves and their company to massive tax liability if a tax ruling should happen to go against them.

Are paid for by the brokers and installed by a servicing company. As such, insurance rates will eventually go to show that careful drivers translates into lower costs for everyone involved.

Getting Around

A taxi company that catered to this market would do extremely well. Revenue Formula The revenue formula for Lakeview Taxi is as follows: One way to ensure that customers would be served in a much better fashion would be to implement a zoned taxi dispatch system.

Tower and Frequency Allocation: A monthly inspection of vehicles would eliminate a large number of problems associated with operating a fleet and would ensure that the licensing authority would not bother with inspections of their own.

Added Revenue An additional source of revenue at start-up is the down payments brokers must make to place vehicles on the road.

This is a minor factor, but worth mentioning from a cash flow standpoint. Taxi companies typically do not fail in this area. Training costs can be reduced through an apprenticeship program. Drivers could pass out flyers and could direct customers to certain establishments that had a reciprocal relationship with the company.

In the last ten years, there has been an explosion of new venues which have attracted people to the downtown area. Cash Flow Cash flow in a taxi company is good. Having brokers dispatch taxis while using a zone system is not only workable, but more equitable to the drivers because it reduces the possibility of corruption and gives them an opportunity to be continuously trained in all facets of the business.Getting Around.

Now that you're in Québec City, you have a number of ways to get out and experience the many attractions in town and in the surrounding area.

Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. Taxi Service Business Plan Business Plan: Business Plans - Volume

Motorcycle taxi business plan
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