The different qualities of a good football player

In the make-up of a good player, the mental aspect is just as important as the physical aspect. When one is committed, one is steadfast in their belief of possibility. An experienced player will know how to react immediately in any given situation when under pressure or when relieving pressure from a teammate.

Sense of Humor Lightness holds the team together as much as shared values and vision.

Personality traits matter in NFL, but how much?

There is a difference between endurance running and soccer endurance. This is also important when it comes to transitioning quickly from offense to defense or visa versa.

Language Language is the conduit for growth and self-expression. A good player must have both static balance to resist challenges and dynamic balance agility in order to have control over their body while moving with or without the ball.

Team members who appreciate the power of questions demonstrate strong teamwork skills.

Qualities of a football player

For example, on offense the player will know how and where to run to create passing or shooting opportunities for herself or for her teammates. It is important that players recognize when possession of the ball changes to either offense or defense, and be ready and adapt appropriately to the situation.

The following elements of speed combined are ideal: Obstacles are stepping-stones en route to fulfillment of the vision.

One of the many beauties of the game is that all players have the opportunity to be the playmaker. Although it is important that a player be able to move quickly over this distance, it is more important that they are just as quick with the ball at their feet over the same distance.

It is the tenacity fight of a player that will win battles on the field. Before a player receives the ball she should be looking around to know what her options are so that when the player is in possession of the ball the player knows where to play the ball.

There are many direct and incidental challenges in the game of soccer both on the ground and the air. Concentration lapses and skill levels tend to decline when a player is tired. An experienced player will show composure under pressure from: An inexperienced player will think about her options to pass the ball only when the ball is at her feet.

Naturally, not all players possess all the qualities stated. It is only a mentally tough player who will endeavor to perform to their utmost ability, despite those odds against them. Often there are players who are quick sprinters, but lack the same speed with the ball at their feet.

Strong team members value the power and synergy of collaboration. Keep your life sane so you maintain your sense of humor; laughter is healing, healthy and fun!

It is important that as the player gets older they develop the stamina to last 90 minutes on the field because as the competition gets harder coaches are less likely to make substitutions.

A player must have the strength to withstand those challenges they will face from the opponents. Collaboration is what we create when we come together. Visit her website at: Lightness adds perspective and helps to keep team members balanced.

Creativity Creativity and "outside the box" thinking is key for organizational transformation and problem solving. While speed of movement alone is most certainly an advantage to a soccer player, it is not vital.

Reliability is keeping your word, time and time again. On average, each player on the field will run up to miles in a game 90 mins. Perseverance Perseverance comes easily to those who are committed.Jul 27,  · in order to develop these, I want my players to practice these 11 Commandments your absolute best effort at all times.

2. Don't be too good for anything. Coachable. 4. Show up at all practices and events on time. 5. Obey all training rules and outside laws (schools, community).'t say anything negative about your team or teammates. 7. Top Ten Qualities of an Outstanding Team Player.

1. Enthusiasm & Commitment A team player knows when to put aside the differences for the common good. 2. Integrity. Aug 28,  · How to Be a Great Football Player Three Methods: Developing Skills on the Field Building Physical Strength Getting in a Football Mindset Community Q&A American football is a highly competitive sport that requires a lot of physical and mental endurance%().

Qualities of a football player by Bobby Howe Positional Play: A player must have an understanding of the offensive and defensive functions of her position on the field of play.

Football players also must combine speed, strength, agility, power, and endurance as basic qualities before the individual skills inherent to the playing of soccer can be utilized and depend on the position such as defense, strikers, midfielder and goal keeper. -Coaching Football, by John P.

McCartby, Jr. CONFIDENCE. The belief that he can do what he has been asked to do. Football is a sport that builds it. The coaches yell and bark a lot, kind of like the military, but the idea is to get the kids to wake up. Most kids will get yelled at and be upset by it.

The different qualities of a good football player
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