The five main ideas in the book the company of the committed by elton trueblood

The first clear voice in the twentieth century, which expressed the idea that there were undeveloped powers among laymen, was apparently that of John R. Physical appearances may be highly deceptive, especially in something as important as religion. Close contact with a redeemed people makes us both weep and shout for joy, and do both at the same time.

Before Christians succumb to such pressures they are wise to note that there is no cutting edge that is not narrow. Though it seems strange that it should be so, it is a fact that one man, rightly placed in the ministry, can make an enormous difference in the lives of other men and in the total impact of the Church on the world.

Though a few see that this involves logical difficulties, in that it utterly destroys any rational basis of responsibility, it appears that the majority accept their naturalism uncritically. They are old hat.

Christ appears to the Christian as the one stable point or fulcrum in all the relativities of history.

Elton Trueblood

The Company of the Committed: One insurance company now employs more than a hundred former pastors. Nearly all of the representatives of mild Christianity think of themselves as anti-Puritan, though the number of these who really know what the dynamic Puritan faith was in the seventeenth century seems to be few.

The Gospel, so far as the history of religion is concerned, represented the emergence of genuine novelty, the emerging pattern rejecting both the lay and the clerical ideal.

To be distinctive it must recognize its minority status and accept the consequences of that recognition. What is new is that so many people now make a conscious glorification of what others have seen as shameful. A striking illustration of this is seen in the contemporary drive for social justice.

Indeed, it is an ideal so high that it can be made attractive to the very men who are repelled by the lower ideal which is the only one which some of them have hitherto known.

Some, when questioned, say that the familiar benedictions are, for them, as much gibberish as would be the alphabet said backwards. He sees that Smith can profitably be shifted from guard to halfback and that the fullback, having never been used in defense, may have in him the makings of a successful linebacker.

Though the men who ride a few miles above the earth are called astronauts, this is clearly a misnomer. The stranger who is visited by a representative of the Church frequently gets the impression that he is being viewed as a prospective customer, a potential addition to the numbers or the income, rather than a person who is approached for his own sake.Elton Trueblood on the Conversion of the Church March 8, — 2 Comments “It is not only Church members but the Church itself which requires a radical conversion.

Elton Trueblood made a powerful impact upon my life. I first read his book The Company of the Committed (Harper & Row, New York, ) during my first year in seminary in I’ve never been the same since reading that book.

In his new book, The Incendiary Fellowship, Elton Trueblood writes that the fire cast on the earth two thousand years ago by Jesus is flickering with alarming faintness.

In the first place, he asserts, committed Christians do not represent the mainstream of.

The Company of the Committed: Elton Trueblood’s Missional Church

The Company of the Committed [Elton Trueblood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Trueblood, Elton.

From The Community. Amazon Try Prime Books. Go Search EN Hello. Sign in The Company of the Committed Paperback – December, /5(4).

The Company Of The Committed

The company of the committed [David Elton Trueblood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A manual of action for every Christian. When we think that religion is what goes on in a building of recognizable ecclesiastical architecture/5(4).

Elton Trueblood was born December 12, in Iowa, the fourth of five children, and was graduated from William Penn College in Iowa in He did graduate study at Brown University, Hartford Seminary, and Harvard University before finishing his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University in Philosophy.

The five main ideas in the book the company of the committed by elton trueblood
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