The information seeking behavior of graduate students

Internet helps a wide range of the researchers and the students to satisfy their information needs with no physical presence in the libraries or other information centers 6.

However, there was a higher rate of using the Meta search engines by the male students compared to the female students.

This study aims to investigate the effect of the internet addiction on the information-seeking behavior of the postgraduate students. Mohammad Reza Soleymani and Asieh Garivani made substantial contribution to conception, design, data analysing, drafting the article.

Findings showed that using the search engines has been the prevalent method for identifying the web resources 232530 Razi Journal of Medical Science. A study on management and accounting faculty of Allameh Tabatabaee University.

Seeking and information Science. Internet addiction among Greek adolescent students. Analysis and comparison of use of subscribed electronic and print journals by faculty members and postgraduate students of science school, University of Shiraz. The research population composed of postgraduate students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, of which were selected using the stratified random sampling as the sample.

Results show that there is no relationship between the internet addiction and attitudes toward the web. Library and Information Sciences. Ahangar A, Vazirpour-Keshmiri M. Study of using the internet network by the faculty members of the Tarbiat Moalem University of Azarbayejan.

Studies conducted on the students show that internet addiction has been accompanied by major problems such as the educational drop, reduced the curriculum study, anxiety, reduced interpersonal relationships, reduced physical activities, irregularity, and nutritional The information seeking behavior of graduate students 11 - Journal of Educational Psychology.

This questionnaire with 20 items was used for measuring the rate and severity of the internet addiction based on the clinical experiences. Producing and disseminating the information in a wide variety of fields has been one of the main reasons for calling the contemporary era as the age of the information and therefore, knowledge has become as one of the most significant elements of human progress and civilization 1.

A Cross-sectional Study on Addiction-driven Behaviors. Few studies 91718 have reported the higher rate of internet addiction in men compared the women. In addition, it is proposed to devote a part of a research curriculum to this field.

There was no significant difference regarding the use rate of the subject directories and databases by the male and female students. In other words, the rate of using the internet or even the excessive use has no effect on the information-seeking behavior of the students, although all the students have a positive attitude toward the internet for obtaining the information apart from their sex or faculty.

Internet Use by Student of Kabul University. However, no study has considered the importance of the relationship between these two variables. Table 2 Open in a separate window Table 3 shows the obstacles and problems that students encounter with in using the printed or internet information resources.

Librarianship thesis, Faculty of Letters and Humanities: Internet search tools are categorized into three groups: For descriptive statistics the frequency distribution indexes, mean and standard deviation and for inferential statistics, the independent-internet addiction test, Pearson correlation coefficient, and variance analysis were used based on the research questions.

Jafari M, Dayani M. This is consistent with the findings of the Razavieh 38 and Vaezi and Noorafroz Iranian Journal of IPA. Internet addiction among Shanghai adolescents: There was no sign of the internet addiction in any dimension of the information-seeking behavior of the students.

Data was collected by physical presence at faculties and was analyzed using the SPSS 20 in two levels of descriptive and inferential statistics. Additionally, the results of the independent- t test showed that although the rate of using the electronic information resources is more than that of the printed information resources, there is no significant difference between the male and female students in terms of using these kinds of the information resources.

The results showed that network traffic, low speed of internet, improper quality and quantity of the hardware and software facilities and the lack of the access to the original documents have been the main problems of the students in using the internet 2223 The instrument for the information-seeking behavior variable was the researcher-developed questionnaire that was prepared by studying the literature and subject related researches.

Journal of Behavioral Sciences. Various remarkable features of the web and electronic resources such as high rate of production, easy access, low cost and so on compared with those of the printed resources are among the reasons that users now prefer the internet for satisfying their needs more than ever before The association between Internet addiction and dissociation among Turkish college students.

Over the recent years, using the electronic networks has been increased and the internet has changed into one of the main channels of obtaining the information in the universities and higher education centers 5. The Relationship between general health and internet addiction.

Face and content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by the librarianship and medical information specialists and its reliability was confirmed using the Cronbach alpha coefficient of explores graduate students' information seeking behavior as they pursue their scholarly activities—the role of people, the Internet, the academic library, and other influences.

Problem statement. Information seeking behavior is a broad term which involves a set of actions that an individual takes to express information needs, seek information, evaluate and select information, and finally uses this The study is limited to the Information needs and information seeking behavior of post graduate students of School of Economics only.

Jun 01,  · Some Studies on information-seeking behavior indicated that the most of the students use the internet for carrying out their research activities, finding the specialized information and obtaining the information that is not found in the printed resources ().

Information seeking behavior involves personal reasons for seeking information, the kinds of information which are being sought, and the ways and sources with which needed information is being sought.

A literature search on the topic of the information-seeking behavior of graduate students uncovered few previous studies, two of which are exploratory in nature: Delgadillo and Lynch's study of history graduate students () and B.T.

Fidzani's survey of graduate students at the University of Botswana (). 3 Delgadillo and Lynch's study.

This study tries to seek information needs and information seeking behaviors of the Malaysian Social Science graduate students by research to pursue Master and PhD.

The information professionals, such as the librarians then, could response to the skills of the graduates in terms of.

The information seeking behavior of graduate students
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