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A Thesis Deposit Form is bound in to the front of each copy of your hardbound thesis. Confirm with your department that this form has been completed and sent to the FGSR. Whilst the University does employ file integrity checking technology it is possible that deposited data may become corrupted and the University cannot be liable for such corruption.

Restricting Access to a Thesis: During data deposit, depositors may specify an embargo date before which data should not be released. We recommend you submit your thesis a minimum of working days before any deadline, as corrections may be required.

Please read our cookie policy to find out more. The agreement is non-exclusive, and any existing rights are retained.

If you are submitting your thesis for the months of May or October, there is a blackout period between convocations in Bear Tracks. When permission is given the summary form, the abstract of the thesis, and its title must be given in English as well as the other approved language.

The University of Alberta Libraries will also catalogue your thesis in its collection. Read the latest version of these user terms.

You have obtained all appropriate consents to allow Thesis deposit form leeds use of your data in the repository eg where required sponsors or fellow authors have agreed to the deposit.

Please review the various deadlines below for more details. Copyright Office Resources 3. For the purposes of preservation and accessibility, the University may translate, copy or re-format the deposited data, including sharing data with a third party preservation service. The University of Leeds may provide controlled access to the data in conjunction with a third party service eg a service which holds an encryption key for sensitive data to provide an additional layer of security to the data.

Research Data Leeds deposit agreement 1.

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PhD and MD theses must not normally exceed 80, words excluding appendices and the bibliography. Application may be made to write a thesis in another language other than English where the language is relevant to the subject of the research.

A Notice of Intention to Submit has been submitted via your Qsis account. You must use a computer with: Check you are in good standing via your Qsis account and that you are fully registered for the academic year in which you submit.

Make Required Revisions to Your Thesis After your final examination, you will make any required revisions as directed by your examining committee. Whilst the University will endeavour to provide reliable 24 hour access to users of the repository, outages may occur and the University cannot promise reliability or be liable for unavailability.

Metadata for this data will appear in public catalogues and on the public internet. Fees will be assessed according to the registration. Your submission is not complete and you will not meet the deadline until your thesis is approved by the FGSR.

Softbound Submission Presentation of your softbound thesis Students will be required to submit one softbound thesis for each examiner appointed.

Academic Requirements

By continuing without changing your cookie settings, we assume you agree to this. The "Thesis Submission Form" is completed and signed by both you and your supervisor.


The University will on access require users to comply with its user terms but it does not promise to police usage and enforce those terms. FGSR must receive this form by the listed deadlines in order to avoid future registration and fees.

These documents must be received prior to electronic submission of your thesis. Although your thesis will be shared publicly, keep in mind that you as author retain both copyright ownership of your thesis and the moral rights the rights you retain over the integrity of the work and the right to be named as its author even after sale or transfer of the copyright.

For a detailed list of research degree programme word limits please refer to 7. Application for permission should be made upon first registration to the School Postgraduate Research Committee. Subject to other conditions under this Agreement data will be retained for a minimum period of 10 years.

Original signature is required. Submit your thesis in Thesis Deposit and apply for graduation after your thesis has been accepted and approved by FGSR. The pages and illustrations must be numbered consecutively. Terms of Deposit By default, deposited data is made openly available to all.

You cannot require the return of or that amendments are made to the data you deposit, however, it is possible to add an updated version of a dataset which will be assigned its own metadata and identifier s. As depositor of this data, you understand that:PhD thesis, University of Leeds.

Birnie, Claire Emma () Statistical methods for ambient noise characterisation, Prediction of sedimentary architecture and lithological heterogeneity in fluvial point-bar deposits. PhD thesis, University of Leeds.

Rybalcenko, Konstantin () Gas flow measurements in shales: laboratory.

Thesis Format

Thesis deposit form To be completed by student after successful oral examination and submitted to RSA with the hard bound copies of the thesis (and any PDF/Ethesis). Referencing Style (doc). A Thesis Deposit Form is completed and signed by you, an examiner and supervisor. A Thesis Deposit Form is bound in to the front of each copy of your hardbound thesis.

An Electronic version of the thesis is submitted via Pure (where applicable*). Deposit your research outputs in Symplectic; Find funding for open access; You can also watch videos of staff and students from the University of Leeds sharing their top tips for success. We recommend dipping in and out of the Final Chapter, rather than working through it all in one go.

Thoughout the Final Chapter you will see examples. This guide explains how to deposit data into our Research Data Leeds repository. Deposit in Research Data Leeds Repository deposit agreement.

Show all contents. Contents. email contact and departmental affiliation of the data depositor and nominated contact(s) for the data will form part of the metadata record for the dataset; this. Authorize thesis deposit 5. Track manual documents 6. Forward thesis package to the Library Dean FGPA: Dean of FGPA: 1.

Approves the notice of defence 2. Report Approval Form" Thesis Rejected The selection of the "Thesis rejected" option on the "Exam Report Outcome Form".

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Thesis deposit form leeds
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