Writing a technical project plan

Part 1—The Plan by Robert Klemm Technical writing project planning has several elements in common with any project plan.

How to Write a Documentation Plan

Correct and edit the DP if necessary, as the project rolls along. To be asked of 1 or 2 operators on each shift for each machine What actions do you take at the beginning of your shift?

For example, the plan should include length, deliverables, cost, and resources required by the writer or developer. Save time and energy! Estimating A Technical Writing Project: Based on the above questions and data, the typical operational manual will have the following sections: The following is a set of key assumptions that will form the basis for our machinery technical writing project planning example.

Start the documentation project. This may take a minute or two. As you can see a Documentation Plan is a comprehensive document that lays down a blueprint for the whole project.

Estimating A Technical Writing Project: Part 1—The Plan

Required Details for Proper Planning There are other questions to ask concerning the sampling, shut-down, cleaning, and extended start-up of the machines, but the ones provided here give a solid example of the detail required to properly plan the technical writing of this type of operational manual.

Correct, edit, and submit a second draft of DP to the client. If printed, what would be page dimensions? For providing guidelines for existing operators?

Finish the project as foreseen in the DP. But at least as a technical writer you should always bring up the issue, insist on a written DP in order to protect yourself from post-facto potential complaints that you did not deliver what the client wanted.

What documentation do you have to complete when, how oftenand can you provide examples? The struggle is on! The template will of course expand depending on the volume of your information.

To document configuration changes — other? For example, in some case the approval would be oral and not written. What actions or checks do you perform within the first hour after start of your shift? Here are the ideal stages of any documentation project: Whoever you need available to talk to, the plant will make them available.

Here are the components of an ideal Documentation Plan DP: How are the manuals going to be used?

Clarifying Project Assumptions Now, in order to form a plan that is workable — what is missing or needs clarification from the above Key Assumptions? How will the writing and review cycles be coordinated?

Is this going to be an online document, a printed document, or both? Which chapters need to be completed when? What are the bottlenecks to this project? If you have any questions about this template please let us know. What measures should be taken for such an eventuality?

Thanks for your patience. Provide specific examples if possible. Yet technical writing project planning also has its own set of elements not found in engineering, construction, or manufacturing projects.The documentation plan allows the content development members of a project team, or technical communications staff to plan, create and deliver documentation (or technical content) that aligns with the goals of the project or overall business goals.

One of the critical factors for project success is having a well-developed project plan. This article provides a step approach to creating the project plan not only showing how it provides a roadmap for project managers to follow, but also exploring why it is the project manager's premier.

The Project Manager, Joe Green, has the overall authority and responsibility for managing and executing this project according to this Project Plan and its Subsidiary Management Plans.

The project team will consist of personnel from the coding group, quality control/assurance group, technical writing group, and testing group. As a technical writer or technical writing manager, creating a documentation plan is essential to the success of your next project.

A documentation plan is an overview of the entire project from the perspective of a technical writer. Documentation Plan is one of the key documents in technical writing. When starting off a technical communication project, either as a freelancer or a payroll employee, you’d better start with a Documentation Plan to avoid any unnecessary complications and.

Use this Project Plan template to guide both project execution and project control, document planning assumptions and decisions, facilitate communication among project stakeholders, and document approved scope, cost, and schedule baselines.

Writing a technical project plan
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